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Rita uses Nixplay to keep her parents up-to-date about their grandchildren

"Photos elicit so many memories and they allow for a bonding experience."

Rita, who lives in Massachusetts with her husband and children, gave her parents, who live across the country in Washington, a Nixplay Frame so they can see how their children and grandchildren are doing.

"It was a way for us to share what was going on in the children's lives with my parents remotely because they've never lived in the same town," says Rita.

Watch how Nixplay helped Rita's family stay close despite the distance.

Nixplay as a part of military people's lives

When Sherra Humphreys' daughter Rachel enlisted in the military, the proud mom immediately started thinking of ways to keep each other updated about everything happening in their lives.

“The immediate thing I [thought of] was, ‘oh, I’ll send you a Nixplay Frame and we can put a playlist on it, and we can update it, and it could play whenever you walk in.'”

Watch this video to learn about the Humphreys' story.

Ralph scans and uploads 300 photos of memories on his mom's Nixplay frame

Ralph and his family had already displayed a lot of their photos around their homes, but they would need several more picture frames to accommodate the years' worth of memories they had immortalized in print.

When Ralph, his mother, and his sister each got Nixplay Frames, part of their dilemma was solved: They can now display multiple photos on a single frame, saving space and reducing clutter. And in the process of scanning hundreds of family photos to display on their Nixplay frames, they gained a new appreciation for each other.

Watch Ralph's story here.

Chris made Nixplay his family's internal social network

Keeping in touch can be a challenge if you belong to a big family. This was certainly the case for Chris Hansen, who lives in Colorado but has family in Ohio, Minnesota, Utah, and Arizona.

After exploring several options for sharing photos, the Hansens decided to get Nixplay frames, which offered an easy and convenient way to keep the whole family updated in real time.

Get inspired by how the Hansens use their frames in this video.

Makaala shares how Nixplay keeps them close as Military family

When you're stationed in a different country for several years, you miss so many holidays and milestones. The separation was especially painful for Makaala, a Navy Submarine Officer previously stationed in Bahrain, and his wife Lisa.

Each time Makaala left, he worried that his daughters, particularly two-year-old Kate, would not be able to recognize him the next time he comes home. Having a Nixplay Frame made it easier to cope with the distance.

"Because of our Nixplay Frame, Kate never skipped a beat when her daddy came home because she was constantly seeing his pictures," shares Lisa.

Watch this video to learn why every military family should have a Nixplay Frame

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