Created for families by families.

Founder and CEO, Mark Palfreeman created Nixplay in 2013, as a way for families to stay privately connected wherever they may be. Being a Dad of two, with family spread across the world, Mark saw a need, not only in his own family but in others too. Far-away Grandparents who long for daily news of their Grandkids. Newlyweds wanting to share their new life with families, or college kids who want the comfort of updates from home. We all long to be in touch with our loved ones.

More than 2.8 million frames later, Nixplay has become the no.1 selling digital photo frame. Why? Because we are uncompromising and obsessed with four things: Design, Functionality, Security, Sustainability.

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2.8 million

Global Customers

+1.5 billion

Photos & Videos
played daily


Started Designing & Building
own hardware & software


Trees Planted since 2017

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Our Values

  • Family

    Helping families
    stay connected over distance,
    privately and securely.
    This is why we do what we do.

  • Privacy

    Your data is stored on our
    secure, encrypted servers
    based in the U.S.A.

  • Quality

    Every Nixplay frame goes
    through rigorous tests to
    ensure that you receive our
    best quality every time.

  • Service

    Great customer service is the
    foundation on which our
    company is built. Our service
    team can be contacted by
    email or phone.

  • A Better World
    A Better World

    We’re a corporate partner of
    Tress for the Future, planting a
    tree for every frame sold.

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