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Our Smart Frame Just Got Smarter.

The Nixplay Smart Frame now works with Google Assistant,
Amazon Alexa and Google Photos.

google home Workks with Google Photos

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With our advanced range of digital photo frames, smart frames and WiFi digital photo frames,
it’s easy to make your moments last.

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We’re proud to be America's number 1 selling brand, with over 1.5 million digital photo frames sold to date.

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Nixplay Smart Photo Frames New

Design, Beauty and Intelligence

Starts at   £169.99   
Nixplay Seed

A Wi-Fi digital frame for the whole family.

Starts at   £159.99   
Nixplay Seed Wave

Photos, video, music. Framed

Starts at   £249.99   

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NIX Digital Photo Frames

High definition plug and play

Starts at   £69.99   
NIX Advance

The original, premium digital photo frame

Starts at   £69.99   

Digital Signage for your Business

Signage made easy for your business.

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